Essay on Expository: Humiliation and Cool Breeze

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Prompt: The way we relate to conflict can determine the type of person we become.
The type of person I was, is not the person who I am now, people might think I’m the same but I’m not. Since I started High school my school life was very difficult. Well in year 7 it was kind of difficult because we were youngsters in the school and we were new to the school. I know bullying effects a lot people in school these days in most schools too. Well around mid-2009 I started to get bullied by other kids in the school and I was getting stressed every single day, my stomach felt as it twisted and turned in a way. Older kids used bag about my religion, nationality. But overall year 7 wasn’t as bad as the following years.

Year 8 was the worst year I ever had, on the first day back I felt as though I was going to faint and fall on the ground. The first week I was keeping an eye on the people who used to bag me in year 7 and keeping an alert in my mind that something might happen when I walk past them the bigger kids might do something or say something if they see me, I also was telling myself also not react or get angry at anyone. Around term 2 I was sitting in the class room doing science I had a double period at the time and I heard this kid I hated saying bad things about me, I felt as I couldn’t take it anymore, as I turned around I looked closely at his a face and I saw laughing with the kids next to him, I wasn’t sure if they were his friends. Anyways as I looked at his face I told myself that I had to do something because he embarrassing me in front all my friends who I was sitting next to, and here was the wrong decision I made, I punched him in the face, than less than 5 seconds he started to cry, I felt has there was a cool breeze going through my stomach. Then from then on when somebody ever messed with me I would hit them, I also had to take counseling which didn’t work for me at the start.

When I got to year 9, I noticed people hated me because they thought I had