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Incident :
Exposure to Infections:
Working with people in Holly Fields Day Centre can mean that people in your care are more prone to getting ill or having diseases. It will not be possible to avoid the people in Holly Fields that can potentially infect you so it is important to take precautions to try and prevent yourself and other service users from getting an infection. The different ways in which infections could enter the body are:
Inhalation – When we breathe something in.
Ingestion – When something is swallowed.
Inoculation – When something gets in your body through the skin.
When trying to prevent people around you and others in the setting from becoming infected it is essential to try and protect them. There are some people that need protection from infections more than others do due to the fact that there is a higher risk of them becoming ill due to them having a lower immunity, due to the fact that Holly Fields is for older people, the majority of them have a lower immunity system.
Keeping Holly Fields a safe and hygienic place to be in, especially for those who have lowered immunity is important as it is a basic step to ensure that the risk of infection is as minimal as it possibly can be. The main types of diseases in Holly Fields are communicable diseases, which are caused by micro-organisms.

Within Holly Fields we have certain priorities and responses when dealing with the potential spread of infections, it is important that we do this due to the vulnerability of some of our service users. We want to make Holly Fields a place that has the lowest possible chance of an infection outbreak. The first priority that we have for maintaining a hygienic environment is the thorough washing of hands.