Expressionism and Mauricio Lasansky Exhibition Essay

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Lasansky Essay

The Mauricio Lasansky exhibition in the Cedar Rapids Museum of art is an exhibit showing his work throughout Mauricio’s life of print making. Mauricio Lasansky changed the game of print making by showing his audience really good detail throughout his early work and later work. Walking into the exhibit, it is a darker room so that the pieces will not fade by sunlight. Following in the order of Lasansky’s life work, in the first room lasansky starts out with mono toned colors, lots of browns and black very neutral colors. Then when you enter through to the second room he starts out with color but very subdued colors, just a hint of color. Then for the last room his work is filled with arbitrary use of color. Which is why I believe that Lasansky looked to the German expressionist for his early work like the artist Ernst Kirchner and also for his early work he looked at Van Gogh and his use of brush strokes. For Lasansky’s later work I believe he looked at the same artist but also was influenced by the use of cut out images that Matisse was working on at the time.
In Lasansky’s early work with print making we see neutral or mono toned colors which is what we see in the German expressionist work of Ernst Kirchner. He is also influenced by the eyes of the painting by Kirchner called “Street Dresden”. In the painting even though it shows use of arbitrary colors if you main focus on the eyes if where I think that lasansky was looking to. The eyes are always said to be the windows to our souls, but with Kirchner and lasansky they are just lifeless black ovals in place of the eyes. Now looking at Lasansky’s painting of Amish Boy you can see that he was also looking to Van Gogh. Van Gogh is known for his use of brush strokes, and in Lasansky’s work you can see the resemblance of those light brush strokes that are unfinished.
As we move on to his later work it is a drastic changed from neutral colors to bright arbitrary colors. By adding more color to his print making, it shows off lasansky’s fine work of detail and skills. In the back room there what looks like to be the same little child in a row, this