EXSC Lecture Notes: Drugs, Surgery, Diet

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EXSC Lecture 9 – Drugs, Surgery, Diet

Drugs | OTC (Over the Counter) – NADA (there aren’t any drugs with the possibility that it works) | Prescription | A. Appetite suppressants 1. Phentermine – only drug approved by FDA 2. Topamax + some other combination approved by FDA B. Digestive Inhibitor 1. Xenical (lipase inhibitor) – OTC Analog – Alli a. Less potent b. Can be purchased c. Does work | | | Governments understaffed | Takes a lot of cases to band substances Baby formulas can have substances that are bad * Baby dies * Chinese factory – you can’t possibly govern everythingDon’t take that many supplements, you never know what’s in it. | Surgery, 2 viable | | 1. Gastric banding | * Qualifying BMI is 30, not that much * If you have risk of diabetes etc…you can qualify with a BMI of 7 | 2. Gastric Intestinal Bi-pass (last resort) | * 90-95% of digestion occurs in intestinal track * People cut 1/3 of intestine back then * Very risky, 25% of blood flow goes through there, risk of hemorrhaging esp for fat people * Modern method, take out small intestine * This works in terms of losing weight, you will lose weight by mal-absorption, you lose calories and nutrients * Some people have severe diarrhea, some people die in surgery | Bariatric surgery | * Requires 35 BMI * Kids 13, 14…under age 16 will get it too nowadays * Lesser or two evils because… * Overweight kids won’t be able to go back, diabetes will occur, high blood sugar, high triglyceride level, risk of cardiovascular disease is significantly higher…heart attackType II diabetesOnce Duodenum of the intestine was removed, even blood chemicals changed for the better. * People now figuring out ways to do this surgery without taking out small intestines * Now, hoping we could put a sleeve | Liposuction | Pumps in water with one nozzle, other nozzle to * Fat usually have low blood supply, but blood is still there, blood vessels will break, hemorrhage * When you have your cell * Fat cell is part of fat-free part, but they swell up after * Fat cells can be sucked out, but fat comes back later due to predisposition or some other reasons | Ideal Diet | Macro Nutrients (foods we eat in grams and pounds) | Now | Recommended | CHO | 50% | | Fat | 35-40 | | Protein | 10-15% | | | | |
Carbs Starches – 50% Sugars – 10%Starches – 25% Sugars – 25%...huge part of pre-prepared items like soda. * If you are consuming more calories than expending…eating rice and all that stuff will stimulate insulin…glucose will be metabolized as fuel * Good for athletes for fuel