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English 11 Honors
20 November 2013
Flowers, with the proper care, are beautiful works of art. They sprout up from the healthy damp soil and stand tall and radiate waves of warmth. Flowers have the ability to alter murky situations into ones that shine like rays from the sun. The stem stands tall and fulfills its obligation to support its petals at ease. The Petals are vibrant colors and so soft to the touch that they glide a little when it is windy. The flower can endure all challenges from insects to storms. Without the proper care though, flowers grow limp and sag. The once radiant waves now produce a stench of failure. I am a wilting flower. When my seeds were planted they were not properly nurtured. The sunshine was blocked by the distractions of others buds and the sunshine also no longer cooperated with its companion water. With the two no longer in synch, I suffered. My home is the soil. It is moisture has been sucked dry from it and it crumbles too easily. The soil is unable to become homogeneous and instead remains in clumps close together. I find myself much more susceptible to outside prey and forces against me. I still managed to grow somewhat strong externally with the help of external forces, but my roots could not be salvaged because the damage was done. I am thus unable to blossom like the other flowers. We are similar, but what is different is what the eyes are unable to see at a quick first glance. My stem slightly droops under the weight of