External forces and Trends 1 Essay

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External forces and Trends
Legal and Regulatory
Apple Inc. wallet division will be able to contact local businesspeople in the host countries and gain their cooperation and sponsorship.
Changes in laws having an effect on product being highly regulated.
Apple wallet able to penetrate the global market because of past product success. Apple adheres to laws and regulations conducting business globally.
Legal questions concerning ethics and the backlash of negative responses.
Dedication towards production and meeting targets.
No dedication towards production and no branding for expansion.
Opportunity to sell the Apple wallet internationally.
Market fluctuations based on politics and currency devaluation
Creating a vision that can aggregate the nature of the economic system.
Social and political factors.
Helping the economy growth in creating jobs and foreign relations.
Economic environment
An increase in technology use by customers may be built into the strategic planning
A decrease in customer use of mobile devices.
Technology advancements that is above competition.
Failure to invest the appropriate resources toward technology changes.
Apple Inc. innovation will help to create a new market with the Apple wallet.
Product failure could be met with rejection by consumers.
Apple wallet will be attractive to consumers with the potential of profitability.
Competition creating a similar product at a lower cost.
Social responsibility to the communities in which we operate.
Lack of social responsibility by the Apple wallet division in the community we operate.
Helping to create a social change with the Apple wallet. Backlash from the community in which we operate.
Environmental analysis of the new division, which measure how the new division is doing and identifying ways to improve in order to ensure success into the future.
Failure to measure the external success of the Apple wallet.
Establishing a trend for the Apple Inc.
Government regulations that affect the environment are beyond Apple Inc. control and could have a direct impact on business
Competitive Analysis
Patents and strong brand distribution.
Patent infringement of competition or lack of protection.
Cost advantages from proprietary know how.
Competitor having favorable access to deliver their products.

Internal Forces and Trends
Measures developed to meet company goals and objectives.
No measure developed to meet company goals and objectives.