Essay about Extinction and Available Vaquita

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Species are important to the world, but endangered species should always matter. The ecosystem is run off a food chain. if animals go extinct the entire food chain will be messed up. Extinction is very serious and to know that some animals will die is very sad. For example, the Vaquita is a type of fish. The scientific name for the animal is phocoena sinus. The color of this animal is usually dark gray. They are usually about 1.5 meters in length and 110 pounds in size. Their population is said to have less than 200 available Vaquita’s. They live in tropical areas. Reproduction takes place during the spring time and they eat fish, crabs, and other crustaceans. The Vaquita are carnivores. Vaquita’s are important to the earth because they are a part of the food chain just like us human beings. The Vaquita was placed on the endangered species list around the 1940s due to the fisherman using nets which often caught the fish in the net causing them to kill and slaughter the animals. Many have tried to prevent killing Vaquita’s by preventing people from using the nets in the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. I learned that Vaquita’s are one of the most endangered marine animals in the world and also that they are mammals. I suggest people to stop using the nets and just save the Vaquita’s! The reason I chose this animal was because I wanted an animal from the marine life and I didn’t know that much about endangered animals so I chose one who had a great level of…