Extinction and Demersus Animal Endangerment Essay

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Tayler Elder
Period 5 Spheniscus Demersus Animal endangerment are endangered species that are native species that face a significant risk of extinction in the near future. Such species may be declining in numbers due to threats such s climate change, habitat destruction or invasive species. Humans have lead to pollution, deforestion and destruction, overuse of natural resources, and global warming, which is a huge factor in why animals are losing their homes and becoming endangered. African penguins haven been sliding down into extinction since industrial fishing. My first hypothesis is global warming is the cause to the extinction of the jackass penguin. Along with that my second hypothesis is the jackass penguin is vulnerable more so than endangered. The scientific name of the jackass penguin is the spheniscus demersus. The physical characteristics of the african penguin are the black strip on its back, and unique patterns of black spots on their chest. They also have pink glands over there eyes that become more pigmented once their body tempatures increase. They're about 27.5 inches tall and 4.4 to 11 pounds heavy. They live in ecosystems consisting of Benguela and western Aguhas which are found in Southern Africa. The weather here is semi-high anywhere from 70 degrees and above. The jackass penguin primarily eat shoaling pelagic fish such as anchovies, and pilchards. Estimated population size 70,000 breeding size. There are many types of animal endangerment like loss of habitat from natural forces, overexploitation from fishing species that are endangered and pollution from chemicals. Many people are causing animal endangerment such as businesses and poachers. My animal as of 2012 is listed as