Blue Ocean Strategy Principle

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Firm - 1C Strategic Principle
Draft a working strategic principle:
It’s All in a Phrase Strategy Principle: High-quality and customer-oriented firm that penetrates current market and probes for new markets opportunities.
Looking at the starting financial and accounting statements from Period 0, we can clearly see that Firm C is a relatively small firm amongst the industry with the top notch technology build up. Thus the most logical strategy is to target the Luxury segments of the customers seeking new and innovative ideas to open up new market opportunities.
Test its endurance:
Does our working strategic principle capture the timeless essence of our company’s unique competitive value?
Firm C is a perfect firm to execute the Blue Ocean strategy. With the top technology, which is above the rest in the industry, targeting the lower end of the market is not going to be easy as it is not going to earn due to the production of that the cars are going to require. It is not going be able to reach number one no matter what happen, unless the firm is prepared to earn almost nothing. The lower end of the customer segment is extremely price sensitive, thus the only way they are going to like the car is due to low price.
Test its communicative power:
Is the phrase clear concise memorable? Would you feel proud to paint it on the side of your firm’s trucks, as Wal-Mart does?
It might not be the most memorable, but I do believe this is a concise Strategy Principle that clearly tells everything about what the firm is working on and looking for. It addresses both the current market and also conveys what the firm is going to go from where they are right now. I would definitely be proud to paint it on the side of the firm’s truck as