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After graduated form college, I worked as a sales representative for a while. This happened when I just joined this company. As a new sales person, I was modest and hardworking and expecting to gain more experience and some money to pay the bills. After a couple of months working in this company, I was already one of top sales. It was before the payday, the management announced a change of commission rule. The push money was reduce; instead of receiving additional money for each item we sell, all the salesmen were ranked into categories- it means that we will not get the commission based on the quantity of the items we sell, but the top 10% of the sales people get the same amount of money averaged from the total amount of the sales and the bottom 10% get nothing. For me personally, I make less money according to the new rule. I talked to my manager, but he said, he had nothing to do with the change but the owners decided it and he just implemented it. After the change the employees become hypercompetitive with one another to avoid being that 10% at the bottom. After this, there was some other moderation of company rules that had been changed and the manager just did nothing but approved it. Some people got negative and lost their drive: some stop attending meetings (Citizenship Behavior), some take home company paper or other stationaries (Counterproductive Behavior), some overstate reimbursement of cellphone and travel allowances (Counterproductive Behavior), some were looking for other jobs during working hours (Psychological Withdrawal), and some people ended up quitting (Physical Withdrawal) because at the end of month, they aren’t making anything extra but the basic salary, which is not much. I did not quit as first because there were not much of choices for a new undergraduate without working experience. But after working in this kind of working environment for a while, I gained enough experience and secured an opportunity to jump to another sales position, I quit eventually.

Job satisfaction is supremely important in an organization because it is what productivity depends on. If employees were satisfied they would produce superior quality performance in optimal time and lead to growth profits. Satisfied employees are also more likely to be creative and innovative. Job satisfaction has a moderate positive effect on Job Performance. People who experience high levels of job satisfaction tend to have higher levels of Task Performance, higher levels of Citizenship Behavior and lower levels of Counterproductive Behavior. In the example, the job satisfaction is low because the employees were not satisfied with the organization, the supervisor, the pay and the coworker and the working environment. This low Job satisfaction caused the poor job performance, which are low level of Task performance, low levels of Citizenship Behavior and high levels of Counterproductive Behavior. Job Satisfaction has a strong positive effect on Organizational Commitment. People who experience higher levels of job satisfaction tend to feel higher levels of Affective Commitment and higher levels of Normative Commitment. Effects on Continuance Commitment are weaker. In the example, the employees were satisfied with their job and that directly affect on Organizational Commitment. Under the low level of Organizational Commitment, the employees tend to have