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Is the multiverse theory real?
To understand the forces of the universe
http://www.crystalinks.com/fabricofthecosmos.htm http://jhonsanidopoulos.com/htm http://plus.math.org/htm http://daviddarling.info/htm http://pbs.org/htm -NOVA http://kidsastronomy.com/htm http://thepoisonforest.com/htm http://astronomy.pomona.edu/htm Research First, we need to know what the multiverse theory is. The multiverse theory is the daggering possibility that there are other Universes other than ours contained in an extremely vast, vast, amazingly huge space that’s expanding just like the Universes in it are. There lots of surprising things you could find in all these astronomical mystery novels, like the fact that there could be other yous in those cosmic bouncy balls. Also with slight differences, like matching hair style, but with different hair color, get it. This includes eye color, health, and mentality. If the theory of multiple universes is a reality it could change the laws of physics forever. The idea all starts from the question of the origin of the Universe, the Big Bang. Alan Guth a current professor at the MIT (Massachusetts Institution of Technology) who is my geeky hero. He produced this whole situation which I hope I figure out when I’m older. While he was in university, one night during studying he had a scientific breakthrough. He discovered why the Universe expands! He called it INFLATION, which is the process of a type of repulsive gravity. So instead of things staying to the ground, objects start to levitate. This force is so powerful it could puff up the space of a molecule to the size of the Milky Way in a billionth, of a billionth, of a billionth of a blink of an eye. This force would keep the blown up object getting bigger. Now you can see, not only did Guth find out why the Universe gets larger he also found out what powered the Big Bang! He shared this news to universities across the U.S., from west to east. Two Russian physicist heard about this, one of them was Andrei Linde, the other one was Alex Falenkin. During a shower, Andrei Linde was thinking about what Alan said about inflation. Staring at a bottle of shampoo he noticed some bubbles in the shampoo were moving up and some migrating down. It gave him an idea that inflation might not be going on everywhere at the same time and because of this idea he concocted another idea that more Big Bang’s could be happening making more Universes therefore making the multiverse theory!! It’s like cheese. The cheese represents the space the Universes are in, as energy expands a little discharge, like a spark and makes Universes. More and more universes get made all at a different time. Dark matter a invisible destroyer. What is dark matter? Dark matter is a type of energy which has devastating effects when lowered or increased. The amount of dark matter in the Universe is 1 after 122 quadrillion zeros. Why is there so little of dark matter? Well, if there was too much dark matter the Universe as we now it will get larger to fast, so then matter won’t have time to clump to together to make galaxies, stars, quasars, black holes, or worm holes, and if we took 5 or 4 zeros from that decimal then the Universe will collapse on itself. To understand this a little bit more we need a ball. So as I throw you can see the ball slows down at the start of it’s decent. Now, imagine gravity got shut off but we still have air to breath and somehow our feet were still on the ground when I throw the ball it keep going