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Extra Credit Sentences

1. Drive reduction theory can be explained as follows; when someone has been working all day and is hungry, they are motivated to obtain food. Hence they are driven by hunger and motivated to find food to eat reducing the drive once they have eaten.

2. All living things have basic physiological needs that they work to ensure that they are met such as food and water.

3. There are types of incentives when trying to lose weight. The good can be a new wardrobe or a special treat when a goal is reached. The bad is not losing any weight and gaining even more weight.

4. Many diabetics find that when their glucose levels are low, they can tell very easily and need to eat in order to raise their levels in order not to have a diabetic episode within the next 24 hour period.

5. Once diabetics have a set point weight, regular exercise regimen and watch what they eat, they are able to live very full lives.

6. The more a person weighs initially, the less their basal metabolic rate will be, hence people that have been classified as morbidly obese have a very low rate where as a marathon runner will have a high metabolic rate.

7. People that suffer from anorexia nervosa not only have a distorted thought process on good and bad weight, but they also have a physical distorted view. They will look into a mirror and see someone that is 40-50 lbs overweight, when in reality they are 10-20 lbs underweight.

8. Bulimia nervosa is a severe eating disorder where a