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Aaron Liu

Halloween Parade

Immediately bombarded by the blasting sounds of Thriller, I observed the myriad of ghosts, werewolves, superheroes , and all the other various costumes. Thriller, the Halloween classic, was blasted as I watched the most realistic Bane costume throw up his hands and groove to Michael Jackson. A whole variety of music was played ranging from classics to the deep pounding bass of electronic music. I remember a man dressed up in a huge wedding dress that trailed for almost a block. As I observed the parade, I definitely admired the more creative costumes the most. For instance, a huge red chicken ran around the audience while two human eggs followed. Behind him, was a bloody nurse who also ran up to people, but instead of making clucking noises, she proceeded to scream directly in my ear. As the parade progressed, I could tell Halloween was way more significant than dressing up in scary or creative costumes. There was a huge banner that said Mexico and around it were people dressed up as various Mexican foods including a huge tan burrito, and an enormous red pepper. They were accompanied by a large bus that was filled with the same people with skull masks. In front of the bus was a poster that said Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Furthermore, there were also people as leprechauns who would tap dance to Irish music. As I looked around, I could see a woman who was furiously screaming at random men. She portrayed Susan B. Anthony and had on an old maid costume. She was holding up a sign that said “History is Her Story.” During my time at the parade, blood was the most common thing I observed. There was fake blood everywhere and everyone exaggerated it. I saw this first hand, when Dracula pretended to bite peoples necks by popping fake blood bags on them. Everything was altered into Halloween attire. Balloons weren’t normal; instead they were eyeballs. One particular costume that made me laugh was a man dressed up as an Ebola patient in quarantine. He had a fake cage that was locked around his body. In addition, the drums were played by a group of people dressed entirely in…