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25 March 2013
Keep Extracurricular Sports Every year, thousands of high school students try out for a sport. Within weeks, many of these same students are at practice trying to make a living out of a sport. Some schools are trying to cut extracurricular sports to save money. That needs to stop. Every school should have extracurricular sports for the students. Sports change student’s outlook on school. They enjoy school much more because they are looking forward to playing after school. Kids with the highest test scores are the most active in after school activities. Journalist June Kronholz states in her article “Academic Value of Non-academics” in Education Next, “A growing body of reason says there is a link between after school activities and graduation from high school, going to college and becoming a responsible citizen.” Sports can really help students graduate from school. Extracurricular activities make students more respectful. Education reporter Jane Gester explains in her article “Students make case for Extracurricular” in Globe and Mail, “Extracurricular activities are a vital component of their school life and for those in their final years of high school, of their university applications.” Students who are active in sports could possibly get a scholarship for college. That makes them want to try harder in their classes. Most students participate in sports. Reporter Bob Jacobson states in his article “Percentage of Students who participate in school Athletics” in Recreation, “Sixty six percent of males and 57 percent of females participate in extracurricular sports.” If students didn’t have sports, most of them would be upset. Students enjoy sports and it helps them release stress. Some may argue that extracurricular sports cost too much however, Journalist Brooke Ross explains in her article “Pay to Play” in Current Events, “About 61 percent of kids who play sports in public middle and high schools in The United States pay fees.” If students pay to play, they will save more money