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3/ 27/2015

:Extra,Extra,Read all About It!
Stop the presses! Extra, extra, read all about it! In the olden days, those were the war cries that sold newspapers on the streets decades before an Internet was even imagined.The Tony
Award­winning “Newsies” is at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts from March 17­22,
2015.The production features Dan DeLuca as Jack Kelly, Steve Blanchard as Joseph Pulitzer,
Stephanie Styles as Katherine, Angela Grovey as Medda Larkin, Jacob Kemp as Davey,
Zachary Sayle as Crutchie, and Vincent Crocilla and Anthony Rosenthal alternating the role of
Les. NEWSIES, the new American musical, features a Tony Award­winning score with music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Jack Feldman, a book by Harvey Fierstein. Produced by Disney
Theatrical Productions, NEWSIES is directed by Jeff Calhoun and choreographed by
Christopher Gattelli.
The strike lasted two weeks, from July 19 to August 2, 1899. During that time, the newsboys drew support from newsies all over the Northeast, as well as other young workers like messenger boys, bootblacks, and factory workers. The kids banded together to support one another, and at times things became violent—scabs were attacked on the streets, their papers ripped from them and destroyed to prevent their sale. Some boys lost their nerve and went back to the publishers, settling for the higher price. The newsies eventually came to a compromise with the publishers: they would purchase their papers at the higher price, but the publishers would buy back any papers that the newsies couldn’t sell—this was more valuable to the newsies than a lower price would have been, as it allowed them to buy papers without the risk of losing money for any that went unsold. As for the dance styles and genres, The show focus much on jazz and some ballet movement.

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This is a show where the grinning ensemble is the star .Along with the gifted

choreographer, Christopher Gattelli, who turned the dance numbers into a fabulous showcase for very young male dancers, just as long as they can do cartwheels, headstands and any and all other tricks.Calhoun moves the action fluidly, almost continuously,and the choreography throughout is so athletic and masculine it borders on macho parody at times .There are about three dozen cartwheels and several full­layout­position front and back flips. Bright­voiced
DeLuca has the necessary magnetism and yearning from a leader with the soul of an artist, Jacob
Kemp is solid as Davey, the nebbishy brains behind Jack's star power.The moves start looking similar after a while, but the well­honed tour cast, cleverly directed by Jeff Calhoun, makes just about everything feel fresh