Essay on Extracurricular Activity and Financial Engineering

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Essay 2
Inspired with my career objectives, I not only devoted to academic study, but also participated in various activities. However, I still need more advanced theories, analytic methods, and application experiences, which can be acquired through your program. My undergraduate study in Financial Engineering laid me a solid academic foundation. I vividly remember, on the first lesson of Overview of Financial
Engineering, my teacher told us two important thoughts: Non-arbitrage Analysis and the Building Block Analysis, which seemed very interesting and attracted me to probe it with great passion and curiosity. Gradually, I realized that finance is not a digital game in the eyes of most people but an important tool to solve the problems of enterprises. Based on my strong interest and great efforts, I got an excellent performance in all the relevant courses and also got more chances to participate in various academic researches, such as The Impact of China’s Macro Economy on CPI and Imported Commodities’ Value—Based on VEC Model, Security Investment
Analysis of China’s Glucose Meter Industry, Optimal Hedging Ratio of Soybean Meal
Futures. Apart of these, I also joined in other academy-relevant activities, like CIMA
Global Business Challenge2012 to deepen my understanding of the financial field through the application of the theory.
In Bentley University, I will acquire more profound theories about capital markets and prepare for my career as a financial planner. Moreover, hands-on experience in the
Trading Room and business partners who visit classes will assist in realizing my dreams. Out of class, I also joined various extracurricular activities to strengthen my organizing ability and communication skills through serving a leader in different organizations, such as Youth Development Consulting and Service Center, and Here
We Are (a self-established online platform for international students). These constant practices made me learn how to be a good leader and how to build a harmonious relationship with different people and also cultivate my strong sense of responsibilities and my