Extracurricular Activity and Santa Ana Essay

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“Inequality at Short Distance ”

Inequality is seen worldwide. In this project I attempt to bring my point across by comparing two unlike cities whose distance is about 11 miles on average. I will be focusing in the city of Santa Ana and Newport Beach, California. I am particularly familiar with Santa Ana because it’s where I was born and raised. I will be comparing the lifestyle of a youth in Santa Ana versus a juvenile in Newport
Beach. I will mainly focus on the difference between the youth in both cities. I plan to use this platform to express my opinion and give my recommendation to prevent having this dramatic difference in such close distance. My belief is that the problem needs to be addressed from the roots to prevent falling to the same cycle.
The Problem
Growing up in a city like Santa Ana, getting into trouble and being around negative situations is part of the everyday culture and environment. Throughout my entire life I have had friends and family that have been taken by the lifestyle that the streets have created. Surprisingly after being raised in such environments, I managed to stay strong, focused, and determined to move on from the streets and to a better environment.
Personally the reason I was so motivated to stay in a positive track was always sports.
Sports has always been a positive outlet in my life and I am grateful for it because that is the reason I am where I am today. I began playing soccer at a young age and was blessed to continue on being passionate and maintaining it as my hobby. Currently I assist my brother with his soccer team of kids age ranges from 14-18 years in Santa Ana. I notice a high rate of violence and delinquency in kids this age. Through sports I have had the

INEQUALITY AT SHORT DISTANCE opportunity to explore different cities attending games and events. I have had the chance to personally experience and see the massive difference in different cities through the games I have attended. Newport Beach is a city we were accustomed to going during vacation to hang out and walk through the beach. It’s never felt the same in both cities.
Even though the distance is short the difference is huge. The objective of my study is to determine; what factors are preventing kids in Santa Ana to be like kids in Newport
Beach? I will approach this question through exploring delinquency in juveniles.
Delinquency being such a big part of the environment I grew up in, make me want to try understand how important are activities in the community for teens. If activities can help decrease delinquency in the community. When I refer to activities I mean to say soccer teams, book clubs, or even church clubs. Programs or organizations that juveniles can be involved close o home to keep them busy and out of the streets.
Keeping in mind that the goal is to try to make Santa Ana a bit more like Newport Beach if possible.
Although juvenile delinquency rates have been dropping the last few years, still thousands of of arrests are made to juveniles between the age of 10-17. Areas like Santa
Ana are areas that are heavily impacted by gang violence and poverty. In Santa Ana
21.5% of individuals are below the poverty level while in Newport Beach it is only 7.9%.
I am a firm believer that I can make a chance for my community and help those people I grew up with not trap themselves in the 21.5% poverty rate. It is my opinion that keeping youth active in a positive environment such as a sports team is an ideal way to help reduce juvenile delinquency to change that bad patterns that are preventing us to become

INEQUALITY AT SHORT DISTANCE a city like Newport Beach. I see my brother for example whom is a coach in Santa Ana, help his players grow and he tries to give them the tools to become productive and successful parts of the community, through the means of sport and other activities .
Some of the reputable sources I will use to reference in