Extreme Acts Of Racism In Birmingham Alabama 1 Essay

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Extreme Acts of Racism in
Birmingham Alabama.
FCWR 151

Ku Klux Klan


-Alabama established its first local Klan organization
(Klavern) in the city of
1920’s- it expanded state wide and acquired approximately
150,000 members in the state of

Project “C”


on April 3, 1963
An attempt by the African Americans, and any one that supported them, to be able to fight the unjust behavior they had been confronted with
They labeled this act Project “C” for
Used non violent sit-ins to present their point, for which many individuals were arrested.

Viola Liuzzo


left her home for the cause of Project “C” on
March 16, 1965 and was killed in less than a week after arriving to Alabama.
 She worked with the SCLC and helped transport marchers to Montgomery.
She was killed in a high speed chase by four men who were part of the Ku Klux Klan.
They fired at her vehicle several times with handguns and a shot gun.

16th Street Baptist Church

 On

Sunday September 15, 1963 a man was seen placing a box under the steps of the church and shortly after, at
10:22 a.m. the bomb exploded.
 It killed four young African American girls: Addie Mae Collins, Carole Roberts on, Cynthia Wesley, and Denise McNair.
 These girls were attending Sunday school at the church at the time of the bombing.

Birmingham acquired their reputation based on what they were exposed to along with the actions of its people. Works Cited
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