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Racquel Williams
English 11
14 March 2013
Communication Errors There were many times in Extremely Loud when there were verbal and nonverbal communication. Oskar and his mom don’t have a great connection, because Oskar is still living in the past and his mom is trying to move on by having a new boyfriend, Ron. Oskar is out and about trying to find information about his dad, because he wants closure. Throughout the book Oskar and his mom don’t talk much, but his mom has an idea of what he is doing so she doesn’t bother asking his any questions. “Why hadn’t mom said anything?”(291) Oskar’s mom is in pain over the loss of her husband, but emotionally and mentally cannot forget about him. Although they don’t talk much, his mom tries her hardest to teach him life lessons and help him get over his dad. She thinks she should be over her husband and is ashamed to still be mourning over him. At one point in the book she covers her fingers in her hair to not show her ring, showing people she can get over him. Even though Oskar doesn’t like when his mom says he reminds her of her husband, he still likes helping his mom out with certain things around the house. When she describes her relationship with Ron to Oskar she claims she has moved on, but that is not the case. “I’m trying to find ways to be happy, laughing (with Ron) makes me happy.”(171) Oskar feels like his mom doesn’t care about him and his grandmother is the only person that is taking care of him. He feels her new boyfriend is something to keep her away from think about her husband. It is hard to understand what his mom is doing since he is so young. Oskar wants his mom to love him so much he asks “Do you still love me?”(7) And of course she loves him, he doesn’t realize that she cares so deeply about him, but it’s hard for her to just stay in one place and not try to at least move on a little bit. Grandma and Grandpa have the most trouble with communicating. Starting right when they move in together. Grandpa truly hasn’t moved on from