Extrinsic Motivation For Apple Inc

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Apple, Inc. is an electronics and software company based in California, USA. Originally known as Apple Computer, the company is familiar to most people as innovators of the personal computer as it is known today. Apple Computer had introduced many of the now-commonplace features of personal computers, including the GUI, the mouse, the floppy disk drive, and color graphics. Apple Computer's Macintosh line of PC's had brought numerous software and hardware components within reach of the average home consumer, often in a stylish case and with an emphasis on usability. The restructured company, now called simply Apple, designs, markets, and sells not only personal computers but also consumer electronics in the form of portable media players and …show more content…
To achieve this, Apple uses both Intrinsic and Extrinsic rewards .

Intrinsic motivations refers to internal rewards to motivate the employees. The employee will be motivated to do a task once they find it delightful and delectable. There will have a feeling of gratification and fulfillment in achieving the task .

“Our goal and what gets us excited is to try to make great products” said Sir Jonathan Ive, the man behind the creation of iPad and iPhone. Apple ensures that all their employees are proud and in love with the brand so that the employees would feel inspired to delevop the best for Apple instead of feeling constrained.

Apple focuses on giving their employees jobs that are not easy and simple, instead which poses challenge to them.The employees are pushed to get the most out of their maximum potential so that they can improve and excel to performance better. The employees feel respected because there is a belief that they have the potential to achieve challenging task and thus shall strive for performance
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If they fail, they might learn from their mistakes and plan better decisions next time. To achieve this, Apple ensures that all the employees understand and know everything about the business. Every Monday, Apple reviews how much they have sold for the week before and the how much target is achieved.They review all their products that are under development, products that they are having difficulties in dealing with and products with demands greater than their production rate. This is done to make sure that their employees know how is their company doing and ways to improve it so as to involve them in the decision making process. By doing this the employees will feel respected and wont feel left