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Exxon Mobil

• Multinacional americana

• ExxonMobil is the largest non-government owned company in the energy industry and produces about 3 percent of the world's oil and about 2 percent of the world's energy

• Resultado de la fusión de Exxon y Mobil en 1998, en un acuerdo de US$ 73.7 billones

• Ambas empresas son descendentes de histórica Standard Oil, fundada en 1870 por John D. Rockefeller

• Marcas:

o Exxon

o Mobil

o Esso

• Casa Matriz: Irving, Texas

• Divisiones:

o Upstream (extracción)

o Downstream (refinación)

o Chemical

o Salió del negocio de distribución en 2008 para enfocarse en los otros negocios.

o Las estaciones de servicio siguen
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With the exchange ratio 1.32015, Exxon paid 1,029.4 million its shares for Mobil or $74.1 billion. This was a $15.4 billion (26.2%) premium over Mobil’s market value or $94.9 a share. After the price run-up Exxon shareholders would own approximately 70% of the combined Exxon Mobil entity, while Mobil shareholders would own approximately 30%. The merger qualified as a tax-free reorganization in the US, and that it was accounted for on a “pooling of interests” basis.[24]

In addition, the merger agreement provided for payment of termination fees of $1.5 billion. Exxon and Mobil also entered into an option agreement that granted Exxon the option to purchase up to 136.5 million shares (14.9%) of Mobil common stock at a strike price of $95.96. Exxon could exercise the option after the occurrence of an event, entitling Exxon to receive the termination fee payable by Mobil.[24]

The termination fee and option were intended to make it more likely that the merger would be completed on the agreed terms and to discourage proposals for alternative business combinations. Among other effects, the option could prevent an alternative business combination with Mobil from being accounted for as a “pooling of interests”. Although