Eye Color and Brown Eyes Essay

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10/30/12 “A Class Divided,” was an awesome documentary. It was about a 3rd grade teacher who did an experiment on discrimination on her students. She divided the class into two groups, the blue eyes and the brown eyes. Day one the blue eyes were the superior group, and day two the brown eyes were superior, the teacher also did the same experiment on an adult crowd. This experiment challenges your mind and it makes you think about things other than yourself. It was a great experiment because it let other races see what the African American race went through and still go through even today. This experiment should be done presently today; racism, discrimination, and prejudices are still very active in this day and age. I never understood the blatant hatred for other people, it never made sense to me and it never will. I believe that if an experiment like this was done on people today, both children and adults, it could make a big difference on people’s mindsets on racism. This documentary reflects many things that are related to sociology. For example, social interaction and perception. Social interaction was reflected when the children in the film stopped being friends with the one another simply because of the fact that they were opposite eye colors. Social perception is closely related to that as well, in the film the children’s perception of one another changed. Also, the perception that they had about opposite races possibly changed as well. Master status also