Eygpt Holidays Essay

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Text A writes about reasons to visit Egypt. It is a descriptive text encouraging potential tourists to visit the country. In the first paragraph it suggests that the country’s “rich and intoxicating culture”, “numerous activities” and “sites that one can visit and experience” are reasons people travel to Egypt. It then goes on to describe some of the best sites in the country. It says that one of the top reasons people travel to Egypt is to “Visit the Giza Pyramids & meet the Great Sphinx”. In the same section it gives us a little information about the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. We then learn about the River Nile and it suggests the “the infamous Nile cruise” is “a “must-do” on your Egypt Travel”. The text also recommends the Egyptian Sahara Dessert, suggesting it “has a beauty of its own which has captivated many people to travel to Egypt.” Sites you can see and how you can travel are suggested. Finally the text tempts you to a diving experience at the Red Sea to “experience all its underwater wonders”.

Text B suggests there are certain areas of Egypt you should avoid and explains why this is. The first paragraph outlines some areas not to visit and explains that tourists were targeted by Islamic fundamentalists in these areas about 20 years ago. The text goes on to suggest that situations in other countries are much worse but these rarely make the news, unlike Egypt’s problems. It talks about the more recent protests against the