Ezra Fitzgerald: A Short Story

Words: 661
Pages: 3

TOUGH LUCK Yes! Ezra Fitzgerald thought as he glanced at his A+ on his history test. “It’s about time I get an A!” said Ezra, as he showed off his paper to Michael, his best friend. “Did you actually try?” asked Michael, suspiciously. “For the first time, I decided to put some effort. I guess I do have potential to get an A.” remarked Ezra. Ezra dozed off, dreaming on how happy his parents would be when they saw the A+ on his test. “Ezra, can you please come up to my desk?” boomed the teacher, Ms. Hollins, as she broke through his day-dreaming..

“Go on Ezra, to Ms. Trollins,” remarked Michael, as they both cracked up at the joke made for the teacher’s rude attitude, and hard grading standards. Ezra grinned and walked up to
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A girl with a bruised knee, and a tough, bulky guy, with a swollen lip and a black eye accompanied him. His palms sweated, dampening his jeans, as he wiped his hands on them. “Ezra Fitzgerald, please come into my office,” ordered Ms. Trump, the principal, as she pushed open the door to her office, and gestured to him to take a seat. “So, I see you cheated on a test, and stole an answer key,” said Ms. Trump, as she lowered her glasses, and peered at him, curiously. “I swear I didn’t, but Ms. Hollins never believed me!” protested Ezra. Ms. Trump glared at him, then asked, “Ezra, do you know how many times kids tell me that?”. “Please, you HAVE to believe me! I didn’t even know the answer key was missing!” exclaimed Ezra. ”Ok, look here, Ezra, I’ve dealt with kids like you MANY times, so I guess you’re going to have to prove it to me. Wait right here, while I get a test for you. It’s based on the same chapter, but different questions.” Ms. Trump said, as she got up from her desk, smoothed her pencil skirt, and walked stiffly out of the office. Ezra fidgeted with his fingers, questioning himself if he could get an A on this test too. If I don’t, they’re going to think I’m lying, so i'll just try my best, and face whatever comes next, thought Ezra, as he braced himself for the