F Scott Fitzgerald Research Paper

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“You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” American novelist and short story writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, explains the purpose behind his writing with this quote. As one of the most iconic writers of the twenties, it is quite ironic that he was so diligent about putting purpose in his literature because in reality, he felt there was no purpose to his life (“F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography”). From moving often as a child, to not knowing how to handle money or family as an adult, Fitzgerald’s life was a jumbled mess of public success and personal turmoil. Throughout his career, his novels gave people a peek into his own life, by letting them observe his struggles through fictional characters. …show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald Biography”). He was born in St. Paul Minnesota, and was named after Francis Scott Key, his distant relative that created the Star Spangled Banner during the war of 1812 (Andrews). As a young child, his parents’ jobs caused the family to move away from St. Paul. He spent many years living back and forth between Buffalo and Syracuse in upstate New York (“F. Scott FItzgerald Biography”). At age 12 his family finally moved back to their home town of St. Paul (“F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography”). When he was 13, he published his first work of writing in his school newspaper (“F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography”). Little did his teacher know that young Fitzgerald would soon be considered one of the best writers of the