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Jesus is well known for spreading Christianity and peace around Jerusalem that ended up creating the religion called Christianity. Even of though he is highly praised now for his works, back when he was alive, Jesus was majorly criticized. Jesus represents a mirror image of an abnormal person of society due to the oppression from others because of his different views of religion and his view of love rather than violence.
Jesus Christ caused much tension between him and a considerable amount of people around him through his preachings that varied from the popular religions at that time. Even people close to him kept their distance, according to “Jesus Christ”, “
All the Gospels state that there was a tension between Jesus and his family.” This was because his preachings didn’t follow that of the Jewish faith his parents so strongly believed in, and was out of the ordinary thoughts for most citizens at that time. Jesus also created much trouble between him and the rest of the Jewish faith, as recorded by the Gospels, “there was a necessary rift between
Jesus and the Jewish way of life under the law.” (Flusser) Jesus wasn’t afraid to express his own opinion, and spread love to anyone who wished to fall under him. This scared some people, making him hated by the law and despised by those who strictly followed it. His words were sharp and “ often had a steely edge; he certainly provoked, condemned, and defied authority with a flaming rhetoric.” (Jesus of Nazareth). He was very powerful with the messages he spread, not being in any way too sensitive of the people around him who thought of him as outspoken. This formed a deep separation between the now then Jewish

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faith, and the newly Christian faith that would spread across the world. Even of the many problems within society Jesus caused, his messages would be remembered and praised.
Instead of the violent actions taken up by much of the population at that time, Jesus believed that love and care would solve the world’s problems. As explained perfectly in the quote in “Jesus of Nazareth,” “Just as Jesus himself was a paradoxical messianic figure, coming from an unremarkable family and preaching love rather than arriving as a military leader against the Romans, so too were the disciples a pointedly undistinguished group: fishermen, skeptics, and even, in the case of Zacchaeus, a hated tax­gatherer for the
Romans.” This quote can be best be defined in the way that Jesus didn’t believe in solving problems with war and fighting as was the popular method then, he believed that everything could be solved with love and peace.