FFA Mission Statement

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Throughout the year many small things have happened that as a freshman seem very extraordinary for having just came to the high school. At the beginning of the school year as friends with not much to do we started the communications committee. This club was all about delivering good encouraging messages to the students involved with FFA. Our mission statement was “The Gilbert FFA Communications Committee's main focus is to maintain positive relationships between fellow FFA members, Gilbert staff, and community members through correspondence and thoughtful gestures.” which we accomplished as a team with ease. There were also many things to learn when joining Conduct of Meetings through FFA. Throughout late winter to early spring my mornings …show more content…
The reason behind these events were not that colleagues had said the finals would be hard, they were more because having to endure them all in the short time period of 48 hours seemed mind numbingly awful. Which of course had never happened before which led me to feel unprepared and completely stressed out. Although there were some hard moments in this year that were difficult to overcome, I also had some moments where I was proud to improve in an activity extremely. These moments gave me hope that the remaining number of months would not be as disquieting. The area in which I made the biggest improvements was soccer. As a freshman it is immensely more difficult to try and prove yourself a worthy player but with hard work and dedication to the sport and my team I was able to do it. Part of being dedicated and a team player means you must go to every practice no matter the time or destination. That is why at every early morning or late night practice you could find me running as hard as possible and working in perpetual motion. After almost breaking down from having worked hard and devoted myself completely to the sport there was a silver