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FNM 3042
Assessment Guide

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1. Assessment Criteria 5
2. The Assignment Instructions 6
3. The Assignment Task 7
Marking of the Assignment
The following table gives indications of the standard for particular ranges of marks.

Standard of work
Between 0% - 49%
The question will be answered to a basic level and be largely descriptive.
Analysis will only include overtly obvious elements.

Between 50% and 59%
The answer will reflect a reasonable understanding of the subject and be based on a reasonable level of research and analysis.
The assignment is well structured and includes accurate use of technical terminology and grammar.
Between 60% and 69%
The answer will reflect a good understanding of the subject.
Analysis will be developed to a high standard and include insight, justification and critical thinking. A good level of preparation will be evident, with links to other areas.
Use of technical terms will be accurate and fluent and the assignment of a high standard.
Above 70%
The answer reflects excellent understanding of the subject and includes detailed analysis, evaluation and justification based on wide research and preparation.
It reflects several perspectives, with critical approaches and linkages beyond the immediate subject area under discussion.
Presentation of the assignment will reflect a high level of academic rigour including attention to structure, grammar and use of technical terminology.

The assignment
Steps to Submitting Your Assignment
1. From May 2011, Distance Learning use Turnitin for the entire submission process. In a change from previous assignments, your Turnitin submission IS your final submission.
2. The assignment folder, which contains the Turnitin link, also provides a link to the instructions for using Turnitin.
3. Up to the deadline date and time, you may re-upload your work. The new copy of your submission will replace any previous version. Once the due date and time are reached, you will no-longer be able to re-upload your work.
4. Assignments for this module must be submitted through Turnitin, via UEL Moodle, as this will provide a date-and-time stamp. In order to ensure anonymous marking, please include your UEL student ID number in your submission, but not your name.
5. If there are various parts to your assignment, please use a separate Turnitin link for each component. Please ensure that you submit