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Face Off

Debate has always been a very dramatic conflict in many stories or tales from the past. I believe the reason this topic is always such a problem is because not everyone will agree to the same idea. People tend to give their opinion when they disagree with something and if another person doesn’t like what they hear then he or she will give their perspective on things, which often causes an even bigger debate to resolve. Debates can lead to many things going wrong but they can also cause many positive benefits. I feel that the best solution in order for debates to be peaceful and not get out of hand, is for the main characters to have an open mind and not get so emotionally involved.
Democratic is a kind of system that over powers and determines the final decision that will be made. For example, the democrats will listen to the debate between the characters and give each of them a fair amount of time to explain their point. Therefore after listening to each character they will discuss separately whom they believe had the stronger debate and how they supported their ideas. Once both characters’ ideas are fully looked over, then is when they make the final call to what decision will be followed. I hope this teaches my reader that debates is an opportunity to convince your audience why your idea is better than your opponent who is trying to go a different direction.
In my opinion I believe that debate can cause many negative and positive consequence between two key characters in a story. For…