Essay on Facebook and Social Networking Site

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Ian Newhouse
Mrs. Murphy
English 151
13 June 2012
Rough Draft: Facebook is nothing but trouble. Our world has transformed over the last couple of decades quite drastically. Communication between people has become beyond just sending an ordinary email. Anyone who has a smart phone or access to the internet can instantaneously communicate with anyone they choose at any given time of the day. There are also many social networking sites such as Myspace, My Year Book, and Twitter. The most widely used social networking site by far is Facebook. Facebook is used by millions of people around the world. But how much information sharing is really too much? Facebook is one of the main causes of fights or arguments between couples and family members alike. If one person posts something someone doesn’t particularly enjoy, arguments arise. Facebook just creates a huge amount of drama between individuals. Couples breakup and family members stop speaking to each other over some of these racy or raunchy posts. People are merely just careless about what they post. If an individual posts something demeaning about another person it can get out of hand, sometimes even resulting in legal problems as well. Secondly, colleges and employers are cracking down on the facebook’s of potential employees and students. These fine universities and businesses have the ability to look at any facebook at any time. If a future student or employee has a picture of his/herself with a beer in their hands, that one picture can ultimately decide whether or not the person is going to be accepted into the school’s program, or if they will be hired for the job they applied for. An employer is not going to hire someone who posts statuses about drinking, drug use, etc. Not only do these statuses look bad, they can decide the