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Facebook: It’s about the money

1) Facebook faces controversy over the handling and usage of the extensive information it collects from its users. FB user’s biggest concerns are the privacy and user controls over the information granted to Facebook. Facebook faces the dilemma of how to gain revenues from user information without violating their privacy. The management and organization failed to consider its users privacy concern when it introduced new software that users felt to be invasive. Facebook provides a free service that users pay for, in effect, by providing details about their lives, friendships, interests and activities.

Facebook, in turn, uses that information to attract advertisers, app makers and other business opportunities. Facebook occasionally isn't enforcing its own rules on data privacy. Facebook requires apps to ask permission before accessing a user's personal details. However, a user's friends aren't notified if information about them is used by a friend's app. Facebook provides people a specific social networking platform and facilitates contents sharing and communication. It targets global internet users, advertisers, and also application developers. Facebook partners with different parties in the functionality, application developing, and advertisers for enabling various features to meet users’ different social needs. To give better services to right customers, Facebook exploits and analyzes customer information, shares info with third party and provides ads to targeted ones. It meanwhile gives users control on privacy setting, enables a safe and trusted internet environment, which maintains a good relationship with customers.

2) Privacy is the claim of individuals to be left alone, free from surveillance or interference from other individuals or organizations, including the state. Internet technology has posed new challenges for the protection of individual privacy. Facebook wants the world to be more open and connected, because it stands to make more money in that world. Facebook wanting to make more money is not a bad thing, but the company has a checkered past of privacy violations and missteps that raise doubts about whether it should be responsible for the personal data of hundreds of millions of people.

3) Facebook’s private policy seems to stem from the fact that it has no private policy, not that anyone could express it quickly.
Management: Facebook assumed it had the consent of users to share information about them that it collected through the Beacon advertising service if they did not use the opt-out feature. Facebook changed Beacon to be an “opt-in” service and gave users the ability to disable it completely. The company utterly failed to grasp the extent to which the service violated its users’ privacy as well as the uproar such a service was likely to cause. The same thing occurred when Facebook introduced its News Feed feature. Generally, it is a strategic management of FB’s to get its user to share as much data as possible so that FB can serve relevant advertisement to users. This is because FB revenue comes almost entirely from advertising.

Organization: The personal information collected on the site represents an opportunity to advertisers, but one that will remain largely untapped if Facebook users