Facebook Ethical Issues

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Employers are asking for potential employees login information, this goes above and beyond simply looking at their Facebook pages. Employers are able to really get to know a persons character by doing this. A Facebook user is able to block certain material from the public to view, such as pictures of them at a bar or certain comments that are inappropriate. Having the login information would grant the employer access to every single detail about the person, and really let them get to know the applicant on an personal level. The issue at hand is protecting personal information of a applicant or providing full disclosure to a employer. A person has the right to keep certain things private. But employers have the right to know everything about a individual before offering them a job they may have for years to come. The ethical issue is protecting a personas privacy. Facebook was ment to be a social media platform where you can interact with friends. When employers are accessing this information it is giving then access to your personal life and most intament things that are reserved for only your best friends. On the flip side of the situations a employer could benefit greatly by accessing information of a potential employee. Accessing this information could lead to a waste of time for the employer, such as hiring a wrong fit for the job or finding a perfect fit they might otherwise not of. On the other hand employers can benefit hugely by acquiring the applicants login information. They will better be able to decide if someone is a good fit for a job, or even ask questions about potential negative activity to get clarification. By adding this process to hiring new employees the organizations doing the hiring can prevent a bad fit, or one that will not last as long term as they hope.

The stakeholders are the potential employees, someone that may be a perfect fit for a certain job opportunity may not get that job because of a picture of said person at a bar drunk years ago. Also, some people say you cannot judge a person by their past, a person might have legitimently turned their life around and things just might be looking up for that person until a promising job’s recruiter digs up some old information. Other stake holders can include the employer, they are the ones that are putting themselves out there and taking a chance on a individual. If that person is not what they made themselves out to be in a resume their might be a future problem that can cost the company money and time. Customers of business are also a stake holder because if someones hired and cannot do their job well their customer experience is going to suffer greatly. Customer relations are the key to success for many retail businesses, if a employ cannot provide adequate customer service the customer may just go shop in another location for their future needs. If a employee can see posts on Facebook made by a applicant that are bullying, menacing, or ill-willed they can prevent a customer relation disaster by not hiring that candidate. A set further, the shareholders of a certain company can suffer if the wrong employees are hired which could cause a spiral effect and profits loss. Maximizing profits is the number one goal of businesses, if a employee is letting customers leave and go to another store this will cause shareholders to lose faith in the company. In the article for this assignment, a organization can avoid a huge disaster by not hiring a person that has a history of partying or not following the law