Essay on Facebook: Facebook and Everybody Checks Facebook

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Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. With users on every continent, it can be its own country and may be overpopulated. The site has grown throughout the years, now having more advanced features, such as games, video calling, and different applications that make a person that much more addicted. I used to be one of those people, until about two years ago when I grew tired of Facebook. The reason I go on it now is to check events and group messages on my youth group. Though I hear a lot from people of how much they hate Facebook because of privacy issues and social effects, I still believe that there are many good things that come out of that site, such as entertainment, connectivity, and information. Facebook has an overall positive effect on social relationships. As the site became more popular, it started adding more features to it. There are now many games and applications that a person can go on for hours. I always receive requests from friends about a game, and I can tell that they enjoy them. It’s a great way to kill time. Some people have video game consoles like a Nintendo DS, others have action figures, and there are those that have Facebook. It is also a place to upload photos, videos, and links to other websites. These provide more fun for friends, as they can laugh, smile or cry at what is presented. I remember having a lot of fun making videos and making my friends laugh at it. We also have lots of silly pictures we enjoy making captions for. Not only do we get to smile at those pictures, but we also get to look back at it years from now. Although Facebook is mainly for entertainment purposes, it also has its usefulness. One of the great things about this site is that you can invite people to certain events. It made it easier to contact people since almost everybody checks Facebook. People can get invited to job opportunities, parties, or the ever popular “new phone, need contacts.” When important information needs to be sent, this is a good place to do it. I have a youth group, and we made a page to keep each other updated about certain events. We also use the group message so that we don’t have to talk to each other individually when it can be announced to everybody. In Farhad Manjoo’s article, he states, “I live on the West Coast, but I work in an industry centered on the East Coast; Facebook gives me the opportunity to connect with people—to "network," you might say—in a completely natural, unaggressive manner.” You can see that this site has many uses because it’s an easy way to connect to people. Since my family is one of the first ones in our line to move to America, I have a lot of relatives that live