Essay about Facebook: Social Media and Mihaylo Facebook Webpage

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One of the most widely used social media platform would be the Facebook. The users have no generational limits and have established largest interaction e-community among any other platforms. The promotion of Marketing Department can result in successful outcome as well as dull and perfunctory webpage. When measuring the performance, it is important to set specific goals that are measurable, realistic and review periodically.

The current 'likes' in Mihaylo facebook webpage is at 3,218. As a webpage administrator, I would set my goal as 1,000 likes (about 30% of Mihaylo webpage) for the Marketing Department within two semesters after the launch. It should reach about the same number as the Mihaylo facebook webpage, assuming that Mihaylo webpage will grow as well.

Facebook has useful tool that measures the page's performance, known as Insights. It can be used to examine the demographics and confirm if our targeted audience is successfully included within the period. It collects accurate data and provides statistically illustrated information about the users. It also shows how people are discovering and responding to the posts that were previously made. The graph should trend generally upward. I would distinguish certain periods when people were more active and review what contributed to that positive change.

A successful and engaging Facebook page will have clear vision and branding. The vision and branding of the Marketing Department must appeal to create large followers. For this specific project, I think the most appropriate way to promote Facebook page is to build a community where people can benefit each other with emphasis on Marketing. There are many types of posting that