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As with any company, our company has its positives and its negatives. Fortunately for us, I feel our pros far outweigh our cons. We performed a SWOT analysis to determine exactly what our company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are.


* Our company's biggest strengths is the fact that we are already the market leader in social networking. With over one billion active users, we're by far the largest social network company in the world. Not only do we lead all social network companies in market share, the race isn't even close. Facebook accounts for approximately 60-70% of the social media market share. At this point in time, all of our major competitors such as YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, and MySpace could combine their market shares and they would still be significantly lower than ours. In fact, we experience a larger monthly growth of new users than most social network sites have accumulated in total users. Our dominance in the social networking world gives us a distinct advantage over our competition and serves as one of our main selling points to securing business with external corporations.

* We can throw around different statistics to boast our success, but at the end of the day, what matters is getting people to use your site. It's very difficult to create a successful social networking site. To be successful, a company needs users. But in order to get new users, they need to already have users, otherwise why would anybody join? This epidemic prevents most of our competitors from reaching our level. With millions of people using our site every single second of the day, it's safe to say that people from all walks of life recognize our strong brand name. In the past five years or so, we've evolved from an up-and-coming company struggling to compete with MySpace, to having established ourselves as a reputable household brand and social networking leader in practically every country in the world.

Another one of our company's strengths is diversity. As a global company, diversity is very important to us. We have diversity among our users, our employees, and most importantly, our sources of revenues. * In terms of our users, we are truly a global company. With the exception of a few countries, most notably economic powerhouse, China, we have a presence in almost every country. Currently, there are 212 countries/territories that use Facebook. Our website has been translated into 70+ languages so that people in any country of the world can use it easily.

* Our employees are a very diverse bunch than can offer different skills and ideas to the company. We have one of the highest quality workforces of any company and our management team is the most efficient management team known.

* All of our recent success has put us in a very strong financial position. We receive mega dollars from advertising and the revenues generated from our online gaming in increasing as well. Since our initial boom period in 2007/2008, we've seen revenues increase significantly every year. In the span of five years, revenues increased from 152 million in 2007, all the way up to 3.71 billion in 2012. We've experienced some hardships in the stock market, but our actual product is still on an upward trend.


* Another strength of our company is the different products and features that our company offers. The most important feature that we offer is a free communication platform. Users have several means of communicating including instant messages, wall posts, comments, and pictures to name a few. Thanks to our site people are able to share and connect with family members, friends, co-workers, old high-school buddies, and businesses to name a few. Our site has become many users’ primary address book.

* Besides communications, we also offer several applications and