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Most of us are frequent users of the social site Facebook, however some people don’t use it at all. One thing that connects one with another it that we don’t really know how it all began. Let’s start from the beginning. According to Wikipedia, Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommate, launched in February 2004. As of September 2012, Facebook has over one billion active users and it is available in 70 languages.
Today I’ve decided to take a closer look at Facebook and determine what I think are the good and bad aspects of the site. So let me start with positives.

1. First of all we can chat with those who live far away. In the society we live in today most of our relatives are far away from us. They could live in different states, different countries and sites like Facebook provide a great way to keep in touch with them. The pictures, the status updates and many other things let us know what’s going on.
2. Next positive aspect is that we socialize with people. Facebook gives us a very good way to integrate more and better with people. So for those who are not keen on the face-to-face stuff Facebook provides alternative way to get a daily dose of being social. And for those who are busy, Facebook is a great way to add some social interaction to a day.
3. What is more, we are up-to-date with on our friends’ lives. Some of them might live close, some far but nowadays we are pretty busy and don’t have enough time to meet with our mates. Facebook allows us to stay up-to-date on whatever’s going on with our friends without having talk to them or see them every single day.
4. Moreover we have got great opportunity to meet new people. Social networks like Facebook provide opportunities for us to meet new people, which can be a really good thing. By making new connections, we broadening our horizons, learning something new about ourselves and world. Meeting new people is can be difficult even if you are outgoing person, and Facebook is a great way to make new connections.
5. Finally we have access to lots of great resources and information. It is obvious that we always search for information online, but sometimes there is information out there that we might not even know we are looking for and on Facebook it may present itself to us. Usually we keep in touch with our friends, family and they might post some links that really interest us or information we might need.
Though Facebook may be fun for to us and it is a great way to talk to friends, it actually has got many bad effects. Here are some of them.
1. First of all it is bad for our health. Well, let’s make it clear, we spend too much time sitting in front of computer, chatting with our friends on Facebook and eating snacks. This reduces our physical activity. We’ve got huge pain in our back and eyes really hurt. Also we become less attractive due to weight we gain. :D
2. Second negative