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pacific international hotel management school | Accommodation bathrooms - Facilities Management | Report on health, safety and security of accommodation bathrooms. | | Tyrone Ngatai | 3/22/2013 |

This is a report on the findings of facility weaknesses within a hotel management schools accommodation bathroom and the effects they have on all stakeholders. |

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Topics Page no. 1. Overview 3 2. Introduction 4 3. Research and findings 5 4. Issues and resolutions 6 5. Budgeting and costs 7 6. Conclusion 8

Throughout this report I would have covered the main areas of the findings and discussed all surrounding aspects of my research. The point of this report is to analyse and evaluate ways to improve the health, safety and security of bathrooms in the PIHMS accommodation blocks. To ensure that if real guests were to occupy these premises, that the facilities are all up to the standard that PIHMS perceives it as. Since I personally live on site in the 800 block accommodation area I would like to use this as the point of focus in my report. I will discuss what research and knowledge I have obtained to identify what changes need to be made to these rooms as if to say PIHMS was converting to a complete hotel operation once again.
My intentions are to look at the health, security and safety factors involved with bathrooms in the accommodation areas. I’m more focused on the shower in room 804 and its negative attributes to the entire room. I will identify all problems found in this bathroom and how it affects not only the residents living in this room, but the butterfly effect it will have on other people involved directly and indirectly. I will take note of possible resolutions and the best possible outcomes to this issue. Cost and time management will be important to monitor and take into consideration as this single bathroom may carry deeper issues than initially identified so I will also have a budgeting concept to help display a fair idea of what this type of problem may cost. If actual guests were to stay at this hotel, they would expect nothing less than the best. This would implement everything to do with health risks, safety hazards and security weaknesses. Safety and security within hotel room bathrooms is of the utmost importance. Safety speaks for itself in terms of guests being able to feel comfortable and not at risk with issues such as slippery floor space or water systems being dysfunctional. Security is also a big one with locks on doors being accessible to others and privacy being affected also. Health issues are actually a big factor as I will continue to explain in more detail throughout the report.

Safety and security factors in accommodation bathrooms these days are always being tested and tried by guests. It’s like a never ending annoyance from people who expect everything in the world to be picture perfect. Well this is simply not the case. There are, and always will be faults in a system or structure but it is how the hotels are able to identify and improve on these faults that will maintain guests business and uphold a good reputation. Based on my research, the bathrooms in the hotel management school have room for improvements and upgrading. But, once you say this, you now have to ask the mandatory questions... why do we need to be fixing this? What’s wrong with it? Can it be altered and repaired or does it require a full renovation process? All of these questions cannot be answered with a simple yes or no but with more understanding and research I can certainly find out the most logical explanations to the problems involved.
Main issues surrounding bathrooms are safety hazards. Injuries are common occurrences in a hotel, especially if the bathroom does not feature important safety features. One of the most common sites for injury in a hotel is the shower, where