Facilities Management Essay

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Design of lodging facilities


Sindhuja Mahadevan

MBA III semester / Batch B


- Introduction to lodging - Facilities of lodging - Lobby - Entrance of the hotel - Lighting - Facilities in the lobby - Elevators - Floor plan - Types of rooms - Communications - Switchboard - Water supply - Electrical supply - Fire safety - Smoke detectors - Back of the office areas - Conclusion

Design of Lodging Facilities

Introduction to lodging:
Hotels as we know them now with private rooms, elegant lobbies, restaurants, lounges, meeting rooms, banquet rooms, recreation facilities and
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Major items will be stored in a room near the maintenance office but necessary items for a floor will be kept in the maintenance store room which will be present in each floor.

These rooms will not be very prominent to the guests as they don’t get access.

Crew Lounge:

This lounge is exclusively for airline employees who come and stay at the hotel after their shift. They come in group after every flight those lands into the city. Since these airline employees work odd shifts, while their stay at the hotel they expect absolute tranquility. Hence a separate lounge will be given to them where only airline crew members get access. Internet, drinks, television and dvd players are some of the entertainment available in the lounge.

Entertainment Lounge:

This lounge is open to all the guests; they get snacks and drinks in the evening. Guests can relax in this lounge, read news papers. Generally this lounge will be located at a place where guests can get a great view of the city or something happening near the hotel just to amuse the guests. This lounge will operate only for limited hours, mainly in the evenings.

Types of rooms:

Room types of the hotel Delta Chelsea, Canada

Delta Room

Approximately 275 square feet equipped with one king, one queen or two double beds. Featuring the Delta “Sanctuary Bed” with luxurious pillow top mattress, white striped bedding, plush duvet, designer cummerbund and accent pillow. Work desk,