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Facility Planning
HCS 446
Gevonne Chaney
Professor Huff
August 24, 2015

Righttime Medical Care is one of the newest facilities in my area. I chose this facility because it offers urgent skilled medical care to children as well as adults during the busiest hours of a hospital’s emergency room. This healthcare facility has found much flexibility within its operation and has made many changes, and has shown it through its growth and expansion of the many operational sites in Maryland. This facility began in nineteen eighty- nine with a group of doctors who understood that there was a need for pediatric care to be administered to children at night and on weekends, so they decided to open Nighttime Pediatrics urgent care medical center for children.
Nighttime Pediatrics opened its doors over twenty-five years to service young patients from 5 p.m. to midnight. The first of these offices was opened in Annapolis, Maryland offering night-time restorative consideration to its patients. This Nighttime facility soon turned into a trusted medical hotspot for quick kids' medical services. In 2010, Nighttime uncovered a dynamic new character that would highlight its focal objective of giving dire consideration administrations to patients of all ages from 7 am to midnight under the new name Nighttime Pediatrics and Adult Care Too. This medical facility has continued and is serving a large population of individuals in five different locations within the state of Maryland.
In Annapolis during this time there were not many medical facilities open to offer medical care. Of course, there was the general hospital that was located in the immediate area that serviced all individuals that had no restriction on age. This facility serviced both minor to severe illnesses and injuries. Certainly, without any recourse this group of pediatricians decided to not only assist the general hospital but parents and guardians in this immediate area with a shorter waiting time and assistance with their child’s medical care and or injuries. So, this Annapolis site was opened and only first offered services to children.
Seemingly, parents and guardians appeared to need more medical attention and advice for their children during the hours of five in the evening until midnight when the hospital was the busiest. Righttime was in the Annapolis area at a great time and because of its great care and treatment it expanded its services and opened its second location to service the adult population in the Pasadena immediate area. The adult medical care center was then name Righttime Pediatrics and Parents Too. This center cared now not only for pediatrics, but the parents of the pediatric patients as well.
Later in nineteen-ninety-nine, Righttime sought to open a third site which these group of doctors thought would be the most beneficial and they chose the Rockville area. This new urgent care site in Rockville, Maryland located in Montgomery, County was the first of its kind. It too was an urgent center rendering medical service to adults as well as their children. Although progressing over the years Righttime opened two more medical center sites in Gambrills and Columbia, Maryland. These sites again offered the same children as well as adult medical services, along with extended hours, opening at noon until 11:00 p.m. Righttime was able to open other locations