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Wk 1/ Day 2
Child Care Facility Rules and Regulations (FACR)
Using the appendix in the FACR manual, read the following sections and complete the assignment below. Remember to enable editing and to submit your work to the dropbox. This assignment is worth 11 points. Incomplete or late assignments will not be graded and will receive a “0”. Answer all questions in red.
l. Child Care: legislative intent: pg. 2
List reasons as to why Legislature is put into place concerning child care.
1. Legislature is put into place concerning child care for safety purposes with the childrens’ well-being in mind and in order to protect the children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and injuries.
2. Gold Seal Quality Care program: pgs. 3-4
What is the importance of a child care facility earning the Gold Seal Quality Care distinction?
2. Earning the Gold Seal Quality Care distinction as a child care facility means that child care facility is being acknowledged for the quality of care for children and the standards and requirements they have met.
3. Child care facilities: legislative intent and declaration of purpose and policy: pgs. 4-5
All owners and operators must be of ____good moral character__________________
Parents and providers are encouraged to _____share___the responsibility in improving child care programs.
It is encouraged that child care providers serve children with disabilities_____
4. Definitions: pgs. 5-9
Study and know all 18 definitions.
5. Public and nonpublic schools: pgs.9-11
Read the section and familiarize yourself with the difference between the two types of schools.
6. Full-service schools; pg. 12
What type of student population is served by a full-service school?
What services are provided?
6. Students who have a high risk of needing medical and social services. The services provided may include nutritional services, basic medical services, aid to dependent children, parenting skills, counseling for abused children, counseling for children at high risk for delinquent behavior and their parents, and adult education
7. Licensing Standards: pgs. 12-20
Every part of this section is on the competency exam. Make an outline/notes for this section including all important facts. There are 18 sections.
Licensing standards will be based upon the health, sanitation, safety and adequate physical surroundings, the health and nutrition, and the child development needs for all children in child care.
All standards established under ss.402.301-402.319 must meet the State Fire Marshal rules and if it’s a public school, they must comply with the public school fire code as the minimum standard for fire safety.
Personnel standards are the following: good moral character, minimum age requirements, minimum training required (40 hour course on state regulations, health, safety, nutrition, identifying/reporting child neglect/abuse, child development skills, behavior observations, specialized areas, developmental disabilities)
Annually, child care personnel must complete 1 continuing education unit or 10 hours of equivalent training.
One time, .05 continuing education unit or 5 hours of equivalent training must be completed based in early literacy and language development of children from birth to 5 years.
An evaluation has to be conducted every 2 years in order to determine the status of and means to improve staff training requirements and testing procedures.
Within 5 years of employment, a basic training in serving children with disabilities has to be taken.
Ages 0-1
1 personnel for every 4
Ages 1+ but -2
1 personnel for every 6
Ages 2+ but -3
1 personnel for every 11
Ages 3+ but -4
1 personnel for every 15
Ages 4+ but -5
1 personnel for every 20
Ages 5+
1 personnel for every 25
Ages 2+
Age group w/ lrgst. # is the # of people
For every 20 children in a licensed child facility, one of the staff personnel has to have staff credentials.
There should be indoor play space,