facing extinction Essay

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Facing Extinction
Ever since the caveman ages we have seen many animals disappear from the earth whether it be by nature taking its course or hunting parties. Particularly towards extinct animals like elephants, tigers, and polar bears, which we really need to pay more attention and protect them from totally vanishing from the earth. There is a lot of saying that god created animals for us but I disagree with the idea that animals have been created to only be used for human beings and so that we have the right to do whatever we want to them. I strongly support that extinct species can only be saved if the all mankind change its there behavior and stop destroying lands stop the hunting.
Destroying lands does play an important factor in threatening the existence of all animals. As an excuse to expand the economy and gain more money, many people begin to devastate forests in order to build buildings, flats, factories and farms. As that happens slowly lands shrink and animals become more and more angry because they are without shelter. Furthermore, if people do not take action soon, they will end up spoiling their lands by producing garbage factories, dirt and poisons. And as a result that will led to the end of animals. Not only are animals dying due to the destruction of lands. Humans are hunting them, which increases the disappearance of the animals. Hunters hunt animals to sell their valuable parts, which are considered very valuable and expensive. For instance, in