Facing Obstacles In Writing Essay

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Being in school for past 13 years I have seen many obstacles in writing and those obstacles motivated me to become better writer in my journey. As a growing kid in the central Asia I always thought that school was not the place where I belong even though my parents told me to study and become a educated person. I did not want to go to school because where I grew up people did not had jobs even though they were educated. My aunt she used to work in orphanage as a teacher but after few years school was closed and my aunt lost her job. As a kid seeing this stuff my interest towards my academic career had been almost gone. However, few years later I arrived to USA, almost everything got changed and many things motivated me to continue my education. I started to go to school started writing essays in a American way, I saw lots people were employed and the important thing I saw it was when you have a education you are not going to be unemployed. One of the main tools in life are writing and talking, which is every day stuff but we don’t realize how important reading and writing to our life. Why do I say important because where ever you go to first of all people will test you in your writing and rereading skills always than there are other tests those are depends on your major even though its depends on your major but there are lots of writing is involved. When first time when I went to register for school first thing they did was they test my speaking and writing skills because how you speak and how you write will let them know should they accept you to the certain level of class or should they put you where you doesn’t want to be. When I got my first essay from my school I was shocked because I did not knew what to write because I was a foreigner speaker and this was my first year of school in America than I started to write my first days in America as a immigrant few hours later lady come upo to me said your time is finished and she took my paper but even though I wrote almost a page but they couldn’t understand what I was trying to say. However, they accept me and I start going to school and as a writer I saw and I am still seeing how my writing got improved because form 0 to 6 In scale of 10 is a big change. From seeing lots of challenges in my first years of school I overcome those challenges. However I am always scared when it comes to writing because as a writer I know my weak spots, which are grammar mistakes and word choice, why am