Factors Contributing to Cardiovascular Disease Essay

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What is Cardiovascular Disease? Well unfortunately it is an incurable disease like many others, except this on attacks the heart. This disease is also known as heart disease as many would know is at. There are many that suffer from this disease, mostly men in the age range of 65 and older. This disease is more prone to be detected in men, but it is now known that women are more at the same risk factors to getting this disease as men. Unlike men, though, women have a longer life without this disease, only because of menopause. It has been proven that sex hormones help in heart attacks, a leading role in cardiovascular disease. As soon as a woman’s menopause concludes she is at the same level of risk for heart disease as any man age 65 and older. Although men can get strokes levels off at around 45-55 while the levels increase until the ages of 60-65 years, do to high blood cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, obesity, and high blood pressure. High blood cholesterol is one of the major factors in cardiovascular heart disease (heart disease). Our bodies already create cholesterol that is substantial to our needs. Our body uses that cholesterol substance that is made by our liver to create new cells membranes and certain hormones. All extra cholesterol enters our bodies when we eat animal by products. One also consumes saturated fats found in many foods, and what happens to all that fat? It breaks down and moves into our blood stream and travels up to our coronary arteries where it