Factors Influencing Consumers’ to Change Their Mobile Handset” Essay

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Introduction: Statement of Problem and Significance

The mobile phone market is the fastest growing market in U.S. Mobile phone is not just a device for communication now it is used for variety of purposes like use of camera, mp3 player, internet browsing and others. Not all the mobile users use it in the same ways and not all of them show the similar brand preferences. Mobile phones users especially the younger generation are much more prone to change their mobile phone from time to time. In my study, I am interested to identify the factors that play an influencing role in changing a mobile handset. On the basis of those factors and others, I will segment our market for launching new models of mobile phone and customize our offerings for the targeted segments. with willing consumers.

Purpose of Research and Expected Results

Previous studies and research have already confirmed that technical problems are the basic reason to change mobile phone among students; however, this study would like to find if there any factors, such as price, brand, interface, and properties are the most influential factors affecting the actual choice between brands. Based on the results of this research, it is expected that brand is the main influential factor affecting customer’s choice.


a. Secondary data analysis:
Past studies on consumer buying behavior of mobile phone will be used and analyzed carefully to identify the key variables that influence users in changing a mobile handset and/or purchasing a new handset.

b. Qualitative and quantitative research :
Focus group discussion on mobile phone purchase and repurchase behavior of two groups each consisting of 6 members will be conducted to understand users’ choice criteria. We will then collect data through survey method on those criteria or factors.

c. Measurement and scaling procedures:
We will collect data on 5 point Likert scale and on 7 point semantic differential scale.

d. Survey instruments and sample size:
Questionnaires will be used to collect data from respondents. We will collect data from 50 respondents using judgmental