Factors To Take Into Account When Planning An Indoor And Outdoor Activities

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Factors to take into account when planning an indoor and outdoor activity are:-
Is the venue/area suitable for the planned activity? Are there first aiders present?
Are there enough activities/choice for all ages and abilities?
Can the activity be moved in or out doors if weather changes?
Are there risk assessments in place?
The duty of care to service users and staff.
Do regular checks to make sure all the children are accounted for.

Health and safety in the workplace is monitored and maintained by a set of regulations and requirements that appointed persons within the company are in charge of checking and reviewing. The policies and procedures that staff follow are there to help keep the staff and service users safe.
Regular fire drills will be held and recorded to help everyone know what to do if it should be needed for real.
Electrical equipment will be tested to ensure its safe for use and any new items coming in will have to be tested before they can be used within the home.
There are also other health and safety issues that have to be covered in a care setting and this will include the appointment of protection officers, these are the people you need to talk to if you have any issues regarding the safety of a child or even possible abuse.

There are many policies and procedures that are needed in a care setting:-
Health and Safety at work 1974
Protection of Children Act 1999 and Children’s Bill 2004
Fire Precautions Regulations 1997 and Regulatory Reform Order 2005
Health and Safety first Aid Regulations 1981 and many more…….
To make sure that policies and procedures are effective, its good practice to review them and check for updates on a regular basis. It is up to the company to interpret how the regulations are used within the care setting, but most will have clear straight forward polices.
Fire drills will be carried out on a regular but informal pattern so they are not always expected and that way it can be seen how the staff and service users react. This can be recorded and any problems can be identified and training put in place.
Accidents can happen but hopefully not too often, but people need to know when, how, where and to whom they report them.

We have very strict policies and procedures to follow, to help protect the service users and staff. The health and safety executive monitors and updates the current legislations that are used in the care home and we have to follow these to ensure the safety of everyone and the company must report back if needed.
We comply with COSHH and RIDDOR.
We have to wear personal protective equipment when dealing with bodily fluids and also ensure the waste goes into the correct container for disposal.
We have to follow all accidents and incidents procedures and make sure information is recorded correctly.
Medication is very important and strict measures are made to make sure it is handled correctly.
We also have regular fire drills to ensure the procedures are correct.

To help identify any potential problems a risk assessment should be carried out on any activity or outing. This will help find any issues that may need to be addressed. Risk assessments also need to be checked and reviewed in case of any changes.
Health and safety checks can also be used alongside risk assessments to help identify any environment problems like broken equipment or a tripping hazard that can be repaired quickly.
Risk assessments should be carried out on any new activity to help monitor the problems that may arise,…