Factors that contribute to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Explore the factors that contribute to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

There are four areas that contribute to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. It is important to study the cultural and historical background in which the play is set as this affects how characters behave and interact with each other. Another factor is individual characters and how their personalities and behaviour contribute to the deaths of the two protagonists. Love and hate affects the characters and causes the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Some people believe that the events in the play happened because of fate and that they happened for a reason; others may think that the events of the play happened just by chance. Therefore it is important to study all four of
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He also doesn’t think about the future he just thinks about the present as he will think about the future when it comes “Then love-devouring death do what he dare,/ It is enough I may call her mine”. This shows that the Friar does warn Romeo but not enough to stop the wedding. The Friar has a good relationship with the Nurse who helps him to change Romeos decision to kill himself.

In the play the Nurse could be mistaken for Juliet’s mother as she supports Juliet when making important decisions. The Nurse, as a character, is a tease “Lord, how my headaches”. The Nurse is closest to Juliet throughout the play except when the Nurse doubts Romeo and Juliet’s relationship; this causes them to fall out. She is vulgar in parts of the play sharing her different views about love with Juliet, throughout the play as Juliets views about love are very different to the Nurses; Juliet’s views on love are intense, innocent and idealistic and the Nurse thinks love is earthly and sexual “his face be better than any man’s, yet his leg excels are all men’s”. The Nurse, knowing that the Capulets want Juliet to marry Paris, encourages Juliet to marry Romeo and because Juliet thinks very highly of the Nurse, Juliet doesn’t question and is more encouraged