Factory Farm Effects On The Environment Essay

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To expand on this, factory farms also waste tons of resources. Wasting resources also damages our environment in several ways. A big part of this is deforestation. Farmsanctury.org states, “The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has estimated that 70 percent of land formerly supporting Amazon rainforests has been turned over to grazing” (2017). The amount of land used for animal agriculture is more than is sustainable or necessary. Furthermore, due to steroids and general overfeeding the animals eat far more than they naturally would which uses an unnecessary amount of grains. Growing this much grain also contributes to deforestation. Water is also a greatly wasted resource in this entire process. It is used in many aspects of the process it requires to get food from the farm to a dinner plate. Water is …show more content…
Objectively and scientifically climate change, pollution, and wasting resources are very real problems that our planet faces. There are many reasons these issues are a threat and factory farming contributes largely to the problem. Subjectively, it is still an issue however some individuals may not recognize it as a problem in their daily life and therefore it is not a concern of theirs. On the other hand, there are many people working hard to clean up the planet or work towards a solution. Regardless, factory farms are extremely harmful to the environment which is an issue because we need our environment to be healthy for us to be healthy and thriving. Another reason that is gaining support for factory farms as a social problem is the horrible animals abuse that takes place on these farms. Factory farms are run for a profit and the animals are viewed as objects not as living creatures. Not to mention their treatment ties in with the pollution problems as well. This is extremely unfortunate and an aspect of this problem that, once learned about, many do want to see come to an