Essay on Factory Farming

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Christian Rios
English 101 M
Professor K. Bessenbacher
February 25 2015
Factory Farming Factory Farming is a great way to get more meat, milk, and material. Faster in production and less of cost, but is it good for us? In other ways the way the world is heading, everything is quick and done in fast ways and we don’t care how it gets done. With conditions that a lot of these animals are being put through are disgusting, but the amount of food we are getting are higher and quicker. From the production rate getting higher than ever before but the number of bad chemicals that are harmful in humans are getting found a lot more through the produce. They are programs out there that try to stick to the good old fashion ways. Like the CISA or Local harvest. Which will have healthy animals and with low sickness no use of chemicals. The reason these programs are out to stop the inhumane treatment of animals. To also feed the animals the foods they need to grow and be healthy, so that will bring more healthy and quality meat, milk, or produce. To stop the use of slaughter houses, confined spaces, and generic chemically made food. To feed the proper food to each different animal instead of feeding corn to everything. The step to be a factory farm will included a lot of killing of premature animals and doing very sensitive procedures with no medication or sedatives. A factory is needed to store lots of chickens, cows, pigs, and etc. Workers to keep the batches going and to start the slaughter and feeding. Need of space to put waste and dead animals which increases more waste and bad emissions to the earth. Factory Farming is not that great to hear, but there is some qualities to this process. Factory Farming will bring more jobs to be filled. The quantity of food will increase which mean