Essay on Factory farming should be banned

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Imagine if the first thing you saw when you woke up every morning was a cage surrounding you, unable to move or even stretch your body and trapping you from seeing and feeling the sunlight touch your skin. Well this is the exact cruelty farm animals endure every day in factory farms.
They are kept in crowded cages with no room to move freely, animals such as chickens, pigs and cows. The worst thing of all is, that in Australia this cruelty is legal!
The dictionary defines factory farming as a system of rearing livestock using highly intensive methods, by which poultry, pigs, or cattle are confined indoors under strictly controlled conditions.
Not only are these animals killed and tortured to meet the food consumption of humans but they are also killed for their fur. These animals are brought up in an unnatural way to grow faster than they are naturally meant to so that they can provide food for us. Animals living on factory farms endure constant fear and torment daily they are often kept in small cages, chickens and pigs are kept in packed sheds and cows are kept in crowded, unhygienic feedlots.
These animals are given hormones to grow at an unnaturally strange rate of growth so they can produce larger eggs, more milk and more meat.
Some chickens grow so large that their legs no longer can support their oversized bodies, and they suffer from starvation or dehydration because they can’t walk to reach their food and water. “Chickens have wings for flying not for frying!”
Factory farmed animals are literally imprisoned and tortured in unhealthy cruel conditions, for these animals sickness is considered the norm, they are confined rather than pastured and eat genetically modified corn rather than grass as nature intended.
Research has shown that factory farms that use an extensive amount of antibiotics and hormones can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria which threatens human health. The antibiotics that are feed to them are not only bad for them but they pose a direct threat to us and the environment especially when they run into our lakes, rivers, aquifers and drinking water.
When the animal’s bodies have been worn out from producing milk or eggs the animals are crowded onto trucks and transported for miles through all types of weather conditions without food or water. When the animals reach the slaughterhouse those who have survived the tough transport will have their throats slit while they are still conscious.
Most animals are conscious when they are put into the boiling hot water for defeathering or hair removal tanks or even while their bodies are being skinned and cut into pieces.
What if the tables where reversed and we were the ones who endured this day to day torture? I don’t think any of us would like that but when it comes