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The Cancer and Molecular Basis
Breast Cancer is a group of cells, cancer cells, (malignant tumor) that begins in the breast of the body. No one has a specific cause of the cancer but many sources say that the disease has many risk factors such as smoking; drinking, and diet, but those factors are avoidable and a choice of life. Other factors as of age, race, or family history cannot be changed its inherited.

Symptoms * Lump or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm that persists through the menstrual cycle * Mass/Lump small as pea * Change in size, shape, or contour of breast * Blood-Stained or Clear fluid discharge from nipple * Change in appearance of skin on breast nipple (dimpled, puckered, scaly, inflamed) * Redness of breast skin * Area distinctly different from other area on breast * Marble-like hardened area under skin
With all the symptoms breast cancer has, it would be more slowing because sometimes it takes months before some women find out.
Risk Factors
* Weight * Diet * Exercise * Alcohol Consumption * Smoking * Recent Oral Conceptive use
* Gender * Age * Family History of Breast Cancer * Personal History with Breast Cancer * Race * Radiation Therapy to the chest * Breast cellular changes * Pregnancy/Breast Feeding * DES exposure
The controllable risk factors are preventable which means it’s not a necessity in life. It’s a lifestyle risk factor. On the other hand, Uncontrollable risk factors are not by choice it comes with you when you are developed or unintentionally doing something. Women are more at risk of having breast cancer because they have more estrogen and fat inside the breast. White women are more likely to develop breast cancer than any other ethnicity. Just as discussed the controllable risk factors have many activities that aren’t good for the body and mind.
About Breast Cancer
Cancer works as when one cell has cancer it spreads to the other cells around it and multiplies at a quick rate. These cancer masses can be local which is also removable through surgery, but sometimes if it gets to large it eventually spreads to the bloodstream, and if that happened you would need a high dose of medications. Aggressive cell growth may cause tumors, the first stage of the tumors are benign, non-cancerous, if not treated then may become malignant (cancerous tumor). Breast cancer usually begins where the milk is, lobules or milk ducts. If breast cancer is discovered immediately get medical attention or else the cancer cell may invade healthy breast tissue or lymph nodes which allow it to spread easily.

A benign tumor is a non-cancerous tumor that does not metastasize or invade near tissue, able to be treated with surgery and uncommon for re-appearance. Metastasized tumors spread the disease from one organ to another and are deadly and cancerous. It is also the secondary tumor after malignant tumor cells.
Treatments Options
Chemotherapy- uses